Video Editing Workshops

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In parallel with the process of collecting the stories, the first series of workshops was held in collaboration with students, teachers and members of the PALIMPSEST team. About 200 students participated in the workshops, which focused on video editing and on-screen audio, and included theoretical and practical training. The students worked creatively to bring the stories they collected back to life, with the help and guidance of PALIMPSEST’s Team members, and applying video and audio editing instructions to their own stories.
All activities took place in the Audiovisual Laboratory of the School of Fine Arts of the University of Ioannina. The PALIMPSEST team divided the schools into 5 separate days / workshops and each day the students worked in groups of 4-5 people under the guidance of 10 tutors in total. The benefit of these activities, apart from the acquisition of technical knowledge and the creative expression of the students, was their greatest involvement with the project, of which they are an integral part.

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