[From the Book]

PALIMPSEST’s introduction can only start middle way. There is no entrance or beginning to a palimpsest; all layers can be written over or resurface. At the end of the implementation of this project, we are only in the middle.
PALIMPSEST is a project about the seamless incorporation of the past in the city’s present through the use of digital technologies. Both Italy and Greece are countries with thousands of years of history and share a common need to incorporate the past in the present without obstructing the future. PALIMPSEST with its transparent and seamless procedures and with its approach that merges and transcends time strata, offers a unique case for integrating intangible cultural heritage through artistic cocreation and postproduction in the public urban space. PALIMPSEST is primarily based on cocreation and postproduction and the involvement of as many as possible for the reactivation of the public space through the insertion of museistic narratives.
am and remain open to further post-production by the public.
The book describes the PALIMPSEST experience and as such, is itself a work in progress. It highlights certain aspects and certain moments, but it doesn’t reveal all the layers that remain veiled and suspended in this particular instance and linger in limbo. In order to make the book feasible it was imperative to not include all the events that took place and also the Italian PALIMPSEST’s results, although the process was common, and the work was comparted at all moments.