The collected stories from the initial stage of the project, was uploaded on a digital Application open for the public. The users can search for stories and events using filters; can add stories following a similar procedure; can add comments to stories that already exist; and can suggest links among stories.
The public can actively participate and shape the content exhibited. Users will be able to upload forgotten tales, tag them and illustrate them with photos of family heirlooms, 3d models of historical objects, etc. Users will be able not just to share his/her content, but also to shape the preexisting by creating connections and therefore, add another layer of history in the city’s palimpsest.
One of the App’s main objectives is to re-engage the inhabitants of the city, who are asked to collect, organize and associate, and therefore interpret information and narratives about the city’s past. Everyone will be able to download the App and immerse oneself in art installations that will be waiting in public areas. These installations are interactive and are activated via the App by the users and will engage with them, explore their content and they will respond to their presence accordingly.
Moderators, whose role is to check the posted material and its relevance, are, at first, members of the PALIMPSEST team and will gradually be substituted by active groups of the community that are already organizing similar collections of digital material. PALIMPSEST expects to create a community of involved moderators through the active engagement and participation of the public with the project.