Dramatization Workshops

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The second series of workshops concerned the students’ contact with dramatization, creative writing, and in general the process of preparation and implementation of a theatrical performance. The children had the opportunity, with the help and guidance of actors, directors, visual artists, teachers and other experts of the PALIMPSEST Team, to work creatively in order to convey the stories and narratives they collected on the stage. They became screenwriters, directors, set and sound designers, actors, narrators, technicians, participating in all phases of the creative process, learning, among other things, the ways of storytelling, the expression through the theater, as well as the technical support required for a performance to take place.
This engagement of the students with a variety of issues directly or indirectly related to the project, enables them to expand the range of their interests and activities, to develop new skills but also to realize the interdisciplinary approach to multifaceted and complex issues. At the same time, it works beneficially in order to consider themselves part and co-creators of PALIMPSEST, activators and future coordinators, an integral part of its development and smooth operation.

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