Animation Workshops

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The last series of workshops concerned the concept of animation. As this series of workshops took place during the Covid-19 pandemic, its approach and means had to adapt to the new condition. Thus, digital meetings of the students with the members of the PALIMPSEST Team were organized, in which they were given the necessary mean, creative and technical, in order to be able to set up their digital narrative in the form of animation. Using video, audio and video editing programs, the children set up their stories, narratives, design environment, sound and finally gave them movement and life.
In this way the students got in touch with the possibilities of digital technologies, treated new media and got acquainted with a more hybrid approach to things. They learned about the ways in which the use of different media changes the narration and perception of the same content, as the animations they created were based on the same stories that had been processed in previous workshops.
The understanding, the possibilities and the critical use of the appropriate means in order to achieve the desired result in the communication of the content, the atmosphere and the sense of a narrative, was the main axis on which both the design and the implementation of all the workshops were based. The main goal of the PALIMPSEST team was the desire for students to gain a new approach and vision of the world as well as a new way in which they perceive the things around them.

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