Second Project Meeting

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PALIMPSEST Project Meeting took place on Thursday, the 28th of February and Friday, the 1st of March at the Department of Fine Arts and Art Sciences of the University of Ioannina. All beneficiaries, Greek and Italian, were present in order to discuss the project’s state of progress, as well as common challenges and upcoming activities.
In the meeting it was highlighted that because of the multidisciplinarity of the team it is important to establish unobstructed and open communication but also to ensure a common language where nothing is taken for granted, to achieve a level of understanding of each other’s interests and also to reach a certain grade of sharing of envisioning and of the responsibility for the project. The diversity regarding the team members’ backgrounds and areas of expertise can bring about difficulties that the group must overcome; at the same time, this diversity is crucial to achieving a positive outcome. The lack of common ground in regard to methodologies and working procedures gives the opportunity to re-think and re-invent processes that were, up until now thought as self-evident and taken for granted.

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