Kickoff Meeting

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The Kick-off Meeting of the PALIMPSEST Project, co-funded by the Interreg V-A Greece-Italy Project 2014-2020, was held on the 17th of July 2018 in the Dourouti Monastery, University of Ioannina Campus. The kick-off meeting introduced the project to the public and marked its beginning. The rector of the university of Ioannina, Georgios D. Kapsalis, and the Deputy Mayor of of Ioannina, Nikos Golas, gave their welcome to the project partners.
In the meeting it was highlighted that PALIMSPEST aims to transform the urban public space’s experience to a museistic, story-telling, interactive, thematic condition, which will revive the city and attract high quality tourism and at the same time it aspires to test in practice the way digital technologies affect and distort typical dipoles such as the author-audience, but also categories and typologies such as the museum and invite us to rethink their structure and characteristics.
Finally, the challenges posed are seen by the PALIMPSEST Team as an opportunity to rethink how collectivities, public engagement, crowdsourcing and co-creation can be combined respectfully with artistic creation as a differentiated, exclusive and highly important process for the creation of new cultural assets.

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