Yannis Kokkalis

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Stories and myths about fairies, fishermen and drowned women. The image of Ophelia and the myth that accompanies it. Projection in the back of a window. A woman moves slowly below the surface, dancing, swimming, and enchanting at the same time. Through a glass skylight, we see a second video, on the basement floor, of a wooden boat sinking slowly. The boat is old and in poor condition, it looks like its sinking to be welcome. The second video begins when the viewer approaches the window. At the ground floor of an empty store and through the showcase, we see a projection on a semi-translucent surface. A woman is slowly moving in the water, simultaneously dancing, swimming, enchanting. Moving images of “Ophelia” in nest with waves of the lake. The projection attracts the viewer who, by approaching, activates a second projection at the basement. Through a glass skylight, located in the shop and at the same level with the pavement, we see the projection, on the floor of the basement, of a half-sunken wooden boat slowly submerging. The boat is old, in poor condition, it feels like sinking is welcomed. The video is activated when a user of the application approaches the shop window. It is in correlation with the projection on the ground floor of the same store.

Yannis Kokkalis studied at the “Athens University of Economics and Business”, professional photography at the IEK “Focus”, sculpture at the “Athens School of Fine Arts”, master in digital arts at the “Athens School of Fine Arts”. From 1989 to 2010 he worked as a photographer in fashion and advertising, 2011 to 2021 worked as an art teacher and since 2017 teaches Sculpture at the School of Fine Arts of the University of Ioannina. Solo exhibitions: 2020: “Egg as Ego”, Talc studio, Athens, 2015: “Turns”, Beton7 Gallery, Athens, 2014: “Guideline”, Artwall, Athens, 2011: “Installations”, Pontoporos Gallerie, Naoussa, Paros. Selected group exhibitions: 2020: “Pareidolia”, Talc studio, Athens, curator Vasiliki Panagiotopoulou, 2018: “12 artists”, Technohoros Gallery, Ioannina, 2016: “Corpus Isola,” Vouvaleio School for Girls, Kalymnos, with the support of the Organization for Culture and Development NEON, curator Katerina Sperentzou, 2016: “1460 art days / ArtWall,” Art Space Artwall, Athens, curated by Fotini Kapiris, 2015.

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