Marilena Georgantzi

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HAUNT ME explores nostalgia for a never-existing past, subjective narratives and romanticised innocence. An octagonal kiosk situated next to the lake of Ioannina city is converted into a black and white kids spinning lamp through rotating projections activated by the movement of passers-by. Juxtaposing the sedation and the warm feeling of revisiting a child’s bedroom within the (often hostile) public space with the content of the projections, questions on dominant narrations of history, uncanniness and trauma are raised. The animated kiosk immerses you in a sweet nightmare resurfacing fears and desires of a lost home. This work is inspired by a testimony, chosen from a wider collection of oral narrations of the citizens of Ioannina, of life during the civil war through the eyes of a child.

Marilena Georgantzi (b. 1987, Athens) is an artist and set designer focusing on the concept of atmospheres, world building of synthetic storyworlds and digital crafts. Her practice lies in cross-pollination of digital technologies, e-textiles, traditional handcrafts and site-specificity, aiming to immerse people in intertextual, non-linear environments. Originally trained as an architect (NTUA, 2010) with a specialization in new media and digital fabrication methodologies (IAAC, 2012) as well as a graphic designer (HOU, 2020), she explores emerging materialities that evolve in time and space. She has designed sets for dance productions, films as well as commercial events (ex. 442, Onassis Stegi 2021 etc.) and has been selected for her curatorial proposals and interactive art projects in prestigious festivals and exhibitions in Europe (ex. Hybrids, OCC Athens & Ars Electronica 2016 etc.). She holds interactive media workshops, where the importance of women labour and traditional craftsmanship is highlighted (ADAF 2021, 2020, 2017 etc.).

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