In May there is the feast of San Nicola, a tradition much loved by all Bari. On May 7, the historic procession takes place in the center of the city with many costumed figures to tell the epic feat of the sailors who brought the relics of the bishop of Myra to Bari. On 8 May San Nicola goes to sea: the statue is embarked on a fishing boat and there awaits the homage of the pilgrims who, with their boats, pay homage to the saint who came from the sea, protector of the seas and sailors. May 9 is the day in which the Translation of the relics is recalled back in 1087 and the rector of the Basilica proceeds to collect the Santa Manna which miraculously exudes from the bones of San Nicola. The feast ends with a prayer to San Nicola to renew protection over Bari and its faithful.

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