La seconda vigilia

After the Immaculate Conception and before Christmas, the second eve is that of 13 December dedicated to Saint Lucia, whose statue is kept in the church of Santa Scolastica. The “Ecchie de Sanda Lucìi” are prepared: tarallucci called Occhi di Santa Lucia, made with flour, white wine, oil and salt and covered with icing (sceleppe). From this moment the preparation of Christmas sweets begins: the cartellate. They are desserts made with strips of pasta cut with the notched wheel: the curls remember the sheets that the Baby Jesus did not have. Panzerottini are made with the pillow-shaped quince jelly and also nougat and almond milk. Grandma makes all these children’s treats and we grandchildren, because none of the young people want or know how to do these things!

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