La beata Elia

“He saw a beautiful lady picking a small lily from a flower bed and flying in the sky clutching it to her heart. The Lady was the Madonna and the little lily was Dora who with much love during the month of May had offered her flowers and a prayer every day “. It was the dream he had when he was just over three years old and that will guide the whole life of Theodora. Dora, as they called her in the family, was born on January 17, 1901 in the same year in which the monastery of San Giuseppe in Bari stood which would have welcomed her at the age of 19. It is said that as a child, while contemplating the flowers of the home garden, she knelt in front of a splendid rose promising in her heart that she would dedicate her whole life to the beautiful Lady and to the One who had created her. Sister Elia of San Clemente was beatified in 2006.

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