Il carabiniere

My grandmother Mariangela told me a legend about a difficult love story without a happy ending. The protagonists are a carabiniere and an old Bari girl. The girl’s father was a criminal and prevented her from dating the boy, being this a defender of justice. After constant quarrels, the man decided to have the young man cut off his head. It is said, however, that the headless body of the carabiniere wandered through the ancient village, until he managed to reach his beloved’s house, falling without getting up again. The girl’s house is said to be in Largo Incuria (right in Largo Incuria, years a, my great grandmother had bought a house). The ladies of old Bari, when they were young, all wanted to marry a carabiniere who loved them like that of history because they dreamed of such a tormented and passionate love.

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