Campane a Bari Vecchia

The grandparents told us that the clock is still useless in old Bari, because the bells mark the hours better than any clock! At the sudden ringing of the bells, the women make the sign of the cross and recite a “giagulatoria” that says: “Sanda voce de Dije e non dighe bescije” (Holy voice of God and I don’t say lies). At the midday toll, the following is said: “Menzadije senanne, l’angue candanne, Maria mej du ciile, recommend me to you” (noon playing, the angel singing, Maria mia del cielo to you, I recommend you). The sudden ringing of the death knell. In old Bari there is “u ruscia ruscia”, that is the murmur to know who the deceased is: Madonne meje ci è muert !!! (Madonna mia, who is dead?).

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