4th Panhellenic EuroMed Conferences on Digital Cultural Heritage

Virtual Conference
30.09 – 03.10.2021
PALIMPSEST Team was of the 4th Panhellenic EuroMed Conferences on Digital Cultural Heritage with the paper “Participatory approaches to the curation and post-production of Cultural Heritage” by Polyxeni Mantzou, Xenofon Bitsikas, Anastasis Floros and Ilias Kasmeridis.

This was the 4th in a row, “Pan-Hellenic Conference on Digital Cultural Heritage”, which was organized in collaboration with the Greek and Cypriot State, with Greek and Cyprus University Institutions, with global scientific bodies, with research centers etc.

The Conference invited the entire scientific and research community, from Greece and Cyprus, as well as Greek and Cypriot researchers around the world, to participate and submit their papers and Posters, as this event is the great meeting of Science with Greek Culture focusing on education, research, innovation, digital technologies and cultural tourism, taking advantage of the global impact and respect that the world community has for Greek Culture.

The Conference, under the auspices of Her Excellency the President of the Hellenic Republic Mrs Katerina Sakelaropoulou and His All-Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, was organized by the Technological University of Cyprus, the University of West Attica and Diktio Perevvia.


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