Newspaper Article “The Region of Epirus and the PALIMPSEST Project in Photometria”

Collage of Ali Pasha of Ioannina
“Neoi Agones” Newspaper
PALIMPSEST Project was featured in an article with the title “The Region of Epirus and the PALIMPSEST Project in Photometria”, in the “Neoi Agones” Newspaper, a regional newspaper and website.

The article describes that PALIMPSEST’s participation in Photometria International Festival is about an event in which grandparents, teachers and students, directors and artists, computer scientists and architects, archivists and photographers, but mainly the city of Ioannina and its stories, are the protagonists.

As part of the Festival and specifically in the theme “Screenings”, on Thursday, September 30 2021, at 9 pm, in the cultural complex “Dimitris Hatzis”, in the old slaughterhouses, stories of the city was shown.

Forgotten and unfamiliar stories and myths, from the city of Ioannina, were located and recovered from elderly relatives by the students of Primary and Secondary Education of Ioannina, who participated in the implementation of the project, and then proceeded to their processing and transformation into animations.

The article concludes that the aim of the whole project is to transform the conventional experience of urban public space into a multilevel experience, where the past is retrieved from oblivion and returns to the surface of the city’s palimpsest.


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