“Gifts” to local Schools

Picture of Palimpsest team's visit to a local school
Ioannina, Greece
The participation and contribution of students in PALIMPSEST project was a crucial act for its formation and development, and was not limited to fragmentary phases but was and is present throughout the project. The degree of their intervention in the individual stages may differ from time to time, but the imprint of their involvement is evident throughout the project. This fact allowed them to be involved and connected with the project as a whole, with the direct consequence of considering it as theirs and themselves as its curators.

As a result, in order for the PALIMPSEST Team and the Region of Epirus to thank the students and the teachers that took part in the project, they donated to the collaborating schools a “gift”. A theatrical stage was given to every school, were the young student will have the opportunity to bring their stories to life, as they so fantastically did during the project’s duration!


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