Website Article “PALIMPSEST: an open-air museum experience”

pbnews website
PALIMPSEST Project was featured in an article with the title “PALIMPSEST: an open-air museum experience”, in the pbnews website, a regional news website.
According to the article the kick-off meeting for the PALIMPSEST Project (Post ALphabetical Interactive Museum using Participatory, Space-Embedded, Story-Telling), co-financed with 900,000.00 euros by the Interreg VA Greece- Italy Program 2014-2020, will take place in Ioannina on July 17 (at Dourouti Monastery in the University of Ioannina).

The kick-off meeting will introduce the project to the public and mark its beginning. The rector of the university of Ioannina, Georgios D. Kapsalis, and the Deputy Mayor of Ioannina, Nikos Golas, will give their welcome to the project partners.


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